Feb 012012

Sweet Freedom

Chocolate! You know that fifth food group that often can make a good day, great?!?

I am excited to share a behind the scenes look at the Chocolate Industry and all the social injustice issues involved. Julia’s Poppies and my good friends at Making Noise, Inc. have teamed up to launch the Sweet Freedom Campaign. We believe our collective voices can make a difference against social injustice.

The Sweet Freedom Campaign is a social media, community driven movement to help educate about the issue of human trafficking and child labor on cocoa farms in West Africa, and to provide tangible means of fighting the issue by addressing demand.

If you’re not familiar with the human trafficking and child labor issues, I would highly encourage you to take a moment and educate yourself. I will be sharing more facts and how you can get involved here on the blog.

Join the movement on Facebook and Twitter.

‎”Chocolate is Sweet, Slavery is Not”

*Also, CNN has recently been shedding some light on Modern Day Slavery through their Freedom Project, check it out.

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