Jan 202012

DIY | Tealight Place Holder

Over the past year I have had lots of time with my niece, and a good portion of that time has been feeding her. I had tried to think of creative ways to use the food jars. The occasion finally arose!

Metallic Christmas Eve Dinner

Here’s how to create seating assignments that will light up the night. boom, boom, ch!

1// Collect baby food jars. If you’re not a mama or have easy access to a baby, here are a couple of options:

+ Buy any “Earth’s Best” organic fruit blend baby food. It’s like a mini smoothie! So good!

+ There are several listings of jars on eBay. This option is not as tasty. ;)

2// Remove the label from the jar. Soaking in water for an hour helps to peel right off.

3// Make a mix of 2 parts paint, 1 part water. Pour a small amount into the jar, covering the bottom. Screw the jar lid back on and shake. Remove the lid and pour any excess back into the paint mixture. Place bottom-up onto old newspaper, allowing the paint to drain. After an hour, flip the jars right-side-up and allow another hour or two to dry.

+ I added some white glitter into the paint mix for some of the jars. This created extra shine when the candle is lit.

4// Once the paint has dried, cover the ribbed edge of the jar with patterned washi tape. Make sure not to have the tape exposed to the inside of the jar, as this is a fire hazard.

5// With a sharpie, print each guest’s name.

6// Place the tea light inside the jar and light.

*If you haven’t already, be sure to check out my earlier post on this Metallic themed dinner.

Happy crafting!

Metallic Christmas Eve Dinner

DIY | Tealight Place Holder

Metallic Christmas Eve Dinner

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  1. This is awesome! Such a cute idea. That gold, striped washi tape is my fav!

  2. Thanks Sarah! And yes, love that tape! :)

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