Sep 092011

Justina and I thought it would be fun to document how we incorporate scarfs to reflect our personal style. We both have grown a fun collection of vintage scarfs over the years and wear one almost daily. You may remember my tutorial for creating a turban headband this past winter… I noticed that lately the post has been getting lots of views, so here’s some more “scarf inspiration” and tips. Enjoy!!


  1.  Scarfs come in all shapes and sizes… and so do our heads. ha! Experiment tying, twisting, tucking to create a look that suites your personality and flatters your noggin. :) There are no rules!
  2. A little something-something on your head is perfect for rushed mornings and/or dirty hair. You’re able to draw attention to the accessory, not the bedhead.
  3. Need to “tone-down” a look for work? Wear a solid color or more conservative pattern and put the knot or bow in back. Just like a mullet, you’ll be business up front and party in the back.

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  2. Love the tutorial and the scarves!

  3. I love scarves so much! thanks for sharing this super cool post.

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