Jul 282011

Jamie Wyckoff | Altered Dress

If you don’t know, I have a habit of “impromptu atlering.” I often just take a garment I already own and change it up. If it’s something I haven’t worn in while, it’s all the easier. I thought I’d take a minute and share something I did last week…

I had this vintage long sleeve dress and decided to make it strapless. I just followed the same technique shown in my past skirt tutorial, just for the top hem of the dress rather than the waist. I also took several inches off the bottom and didn’t have time (or energy) to hem it up, so it remains a raw edge. And yes, a couple years ago I made everyone wear Hello Kitty party hats on my birthday. haha!

Dig through your closet and see if you have any possibilities…it’s fun! Do share if you give it a try!



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  1. Super cute as always :)

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