Jan 312011

Julianne Jade

Last night I became an auntie to a beautiful little girl…. well, actually she was quite big. 8 lbs, 2 oz. to be exact. That just means more to love! Yay!

Julianne Jade

There will be pics coming, believe me…

  10 Responses to “she's here”

  1. Her hospital hat (the first picture) looks like you sewed a bow on it…..did you??? :-)

    she is beautiful!!! :-)
    Love it that you are there to help your sister and brother in law and to share in the joy of new life :-)

  2. congrats! being an auntie is the best! i love it so much! she and you are both incrediable adorable together…you both are sooo lucky to have each other!

    by the way i love the bow in your hair!


  3. She is adorable!!:)

  4. ha. no i did not sew a bow on… it came that way. so cute right?!? :)

  5. thanks cb! she’s a doll. :)

  6. Being an aunt is the BEST, especially to little girls :) Adorable!!!

  7. OMG!!!! She is so adorable!! Congrats!!

  8. Congrats to the whole Wyckoff Family and of course the happy parents, Justina and David!

    She is a beauty!! The Nitengales are rejoicing in God’s awesome provision of this beautiful little girl!! I’m sure she will be the best dressed, most creative little girl ever!!

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