Jan 052011

Julia's Poppies 2011 Calendar

I have a thing for year-at-a-glance calendars. I like to keep one at my desk to quickly reference. I decided to make this calendar to share with you all. Just download the PDF here and print. I printed the calendar below on ivory laid cardstock.

Julia's Poppies 2011 Calendar

The calendar is designed to be printed on 8.5×11 paper and cut to 8×10. I thought it would look fun to have a little frame collage by my desk (i still have to do this), but you can always just cut it out to tack on your bulletin board. Be as fancy and creative as you’d like.

Julia's Poppies 2011 Calendar

Please print as many copies as you wish (for personal use only). If you like the calendar, share the love and give a little shout .

Enjoy & Happy New Year!

++For non-commercial use only. Alteration of the file and/or artwork is prohibited. Please link to this post for the download rather than hosting on your own site.

  7 Responses to “DIY | freebee 2011 calendar”

  1. I was going to make my own, but I don’t know if I am going to have time! Thanks for the download! : ) It’s so pretty!

  2. I love at a glance calendars too! I haven’t gotten around to making my own either…this one is great! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Hi! Love your blog! Great calendar! I was wondering if I
    could link it to my blog please?

  4. thanks amanda! of course you can post a link to this post on your blog. :)

  5. I love this! Thanks so much for the idea! I’ve been trying out a lot of your DIY projects, and I love the camera bag! I’ve been looking for one that’s not ugly and they just don’t exist. :)

  6. A pretty vintage calendar. I’m a forever fan of vintage designs. It works perfectly with the frame.

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