Dec 122010

This camera bag is a super EASY, NO-SEW project. Perfect homemade Christmas gift for the photographer in your life.

This past January I bought the luggage with the intention of making it my camera bag. I loved the bag because it was the deep enough for all my gear and the strap could be worn across my chest or on my shoulder… perfect for traveling. It’s only taken me 12 months to actually get around to adding the liner and make it legit.

DIY Camera Makeover

I was storing lenses in knit hats. Below is the “Before” of my bag. So classy, I know. haha.

DIY Camera Makeover


  • Foam (I used the end of my mattress pad…I’m short, so it won’t be missed.)
  • Vintage Luggage
  • Scissors
  • Measuring Tape/Ruler

STEP ONE: Measure the base of the bag and cut a section of foam. You could glue in the padding to make it secure, but I found it to stay just fine without glue.

DIY Camera Makeover

Place the bottom padding in the bag.

DIY Camera Makeover

STEP TWO: Cut foam to the height of your tallest lens that you’ll be keeping in the bag. Wrap the foam along the inside of the bag. There was a pocket inside my bag and I didn’t want it completely covered, so I left the back right unlined.

DIY Camera Makeover

STEP THREE: Cut a section of foam  (height of the bag by the depth of the bag). Fold the foam in half and let it serve as a divider.

*Basically cut foam to fit the size of your bag and protect the gear you’re carrying. No rules.

DIY Camera Makeover

I have also been on the lookout for a vintage camera strap…but have yet to find the perfect one. In the meantime I was going to make a sleeve, but was feeling lazy and just sewed fabric onto my current strap.  The fabric unintentionally started ruching, which led to running out at the end. I took some lace and covered up the mistake. I may add a button or a little something-something to embellish.

DIY Camera Makeover

Hopefully my camera is feeling loved and pretty.

  3 Responses to “DIY Camera Makeover”

  1. i love the idea for the strap. i as well have been searching for perfect one-i think the only solution for me is to make one myself.

    yours looks beautiful!

  2. YAY! You did it!!! haha this is AWESOME!