Sep 242010


Just a quick peek… Jordyn is my new friend. :) She’s about to move to LA to attend FIDM. To prepare for her BIG move, we went hunting for some key wardrobe items for fall. This weekend I’ll share our finds and some of my personal thrifting tips.




  5 Responses to “hunting”

  1. when I first started to read this I thought you were hunting for animals in Arizona and I remembered how you shot that deer at your brothers place and I started wondering why would you hunt in those boots! ((all the random thoughts that run through a pregnant womans head at once))

    but so happy it was hunting for cloths :-)
    love you ;-)

  2. Hey! I know THE goodwill you guys were in! :)

  3. Looks like so much fun! Can we go thrifting soon please?

  4. Britt- actually it was salvos…notice my lack of “THE” ;)

    Monique-yes, yes and yes.

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