Aug 242010

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

Here’s fun little project to add a little glam to your fridge or any metal surface. Click the image below to enlarge the materials list.

Materials List

I got the September J. Crew catalog and the styling is fab and I am digging many of the spreads, so I used it for the background. Enjoy!

STEP ONE: Get an assortment of mismatch costumer jewelry or raid your jewelry box to find earrings that have lost their match. I got these beauties from an estate sale.

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

STEP TWO: Create a flat back. All mine were clip-on earring, so I had to remove the clip with the flash cutters.

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

STEP THREE: Cut the magnet to the desired size and glue to the back of the earring.

DIY | Glam {vintage} Magnets

STEP FOUR: Let dry and wa-la you’ve got some uber cute magnets.

I have been meaning to make these for the vintage ice chest I keep my scarfs in. Oh the little details… love ‘em.

Let me know if you decide to glam up your fridge! Com’on… it will look cute!

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  1. L-L-L-L-OVE them!

  2. Super cute Jamie!

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