Jul 162010


DIY | Paint Sample Garland

-Yarn, String or Rope
-Paint Sample Sheets

DIY | Paint Sample Garland

ONE// Collect the samples from your local hardware store… Home Depot’s color selection is fab!

DIY | Paint Sample Garland

TWO// Cut the sample sheets into triangles of all sizes

THREE// Cut the the yarn to the desired length

FOUR// Put the glue about a 1/4 inch down so you can’t see the yarn poking out over the top. I spaced the cut outs about 1 inch apart.


Now hang! Great for party decor or just to add a little fun to a space. Cheap and colorful! Enjoy!

This is just because… don’t ya love the color scheme for the kitchen? I like.

Garland_001 copy

  7 Responses to “DIY | Paint Sample Garland”

  1. cute idea jamie!! love it.

  2. oh it’s adorable!!!
    :) )

  3. omg. so ADORABLE…you are seriously the queen of decorating! Teach me your ways, oh wise one. I just might feature you and your HA-MAZING talents on my blog sometime. Love you chica :)

  4. Come on…are you advocating that we strip the hardware stores’ shelves of paint chips/strips? They are provided as a customer service to those who want to buy paint. Maybe your idea is why there were no chips/strips for me to take home the last time I needed to choose a paint color. Ask the stores for discontinued color chips; don’t take those intended for potential customers.

  5. This is a rad suggestion. Too bad party pooper peej missed the point. Also, discontinued chips usually get tossed stat.